Monday, July 27, 2009


  1. Today I will cry like never after, but tomorrow my laughter will be heard like never before."
  2. The most wasted day is that in which we have not laughed.
  3. "Laughter is the soul saying, 'Ain't that the truth?'"
  4. Love means making the other happy, even from a distance."
  5. "Love is knowing you are the bud from which his happiness blossoms."
  6. Where your pleasure is, there is your treasure: where your treasure, there your heart; where your heart, there your happiness.


achmad said...

said a very good word, I like this post, but I have not posted a lot .. Ok! good luck

the non believe said...

these are the core realities of life one should accept life in such a way that he doesnt get over excited or over depressed with what happend,one should carry on life in a moderate way, nice post expecting more from you

achmad said...

keep working, do not despair move forward for all those fascinated by your work. ..! good luck

programme computer said...

Very good article Thank you man Very Much.

silvergirl said...

laughter is the best meds in our life.. u forget some probs.. lessen our stress.