Monday, February 7, 2011

Easy vs Difficult
  1. Easy is to judge the mistakes of others, difficult is to recognize our own mistakes.
  2. Easy is to hurt someone who love you, difficult is to heal the wound.
  3. Easy is to set rules,difficult to follow them.
  4. Easy is to dream every night, difficult is to fight for a dream
  5. Easy is to say we love,difficult is to show it everyday
  6. Easy is to make mistakes difficult is to learn from them.
have good day


Venus In Virgo said...

Loves it! XOXO

Venus In Virgo said...

Just saying hi and look out for new contests XOXO

Billi said...

u always welcome dear

Venus In Virgo said...

It's really good,hope you enjoy it XOXO

Catanya said...

Beautiful words!!
I particularl love the one who talks about hurting and healing the wound!
XOXO from a new follower,