Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tips for Better Living


1. Start the day with a smile. A dull face makes others also unhappy. Deem
the fresh day as another opportunity given to you by the merciful creator to
lead a better life.

2. Patiently put up with minor troubles & inconveniences one has to face
daily – a little loss of money, comfort or denial of some of your legitimate
rights & privileges. Good work never goes unrewarded; but may sometimes be

3. Lend a helping hand to the poor & suffering, knowing fully well that by
serving them you are pleasing the creator.

4. Cultivate the habit of speaking truth at all times; this truth must,
however, be pleasing & not injuring others.

5. Exert yourself daily to minimize your desires, wants, possessions,
engagements & appointments; any addition can bring only additional tension &

6. Understand & appreciate the truth that God is the true owner of
everything on earth & Heavens.

7. No person or thing really belongs to you. This understanding will help
you to become less attached to yourself y our kith & kin, your home &

8. When you see people better placed than yourself, let not feelings of envy
& jealousy enter your heart; on the other hand, think of the millions in the
world whose lot is far worse than yours.

9. Be courageous to admit your faults & mistakes; by confessing your guilt &
lapses. Then your conscience becomes pure & your rise in the esteem of the

10. Before retiring to bed, thank God for all His mercies shown to you
during the day & offer Him heartfelt prayers for a better tomorrow.


Venus In Virgo said...

Cute! Thanks for your comment XOXO

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

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